At DESIGNING REALITIES, we specialize in a wide-ranging scope of design disciplines that seamlessly merge the digital and physical worlds. Our expertise encompasses User Experience (UX), Product Design, and Interaction Design, and our focus extends across multiple dimensions of design, including Spatial Computing (AR/VR), Web, Mobile, and Physical Reality.

We don’t just design for screens; we design for the entire spectrum of human interaction, ensuring that every touchpoint, whether in the virtual realm or the tangible environment, is a meticulously crafted experience.

Whether it’s immersing users in augmented and virtual realities, creating user-friendly web and mobile applications, or shaping physical spaces with environmental and event design, our agency thrives on the exciting challenge of transforming concepts into captivating, memorable, and meaningful design solutions.


Welcome to DESIGNING REALITIES, where creativity knows no bounds. We are a forward-thinking design consultancy at the forefront of innovation, specializing in User Experience, Product, and Interaction Design for an array of cutting-edge platforms.

Whether it’s crafting immersive experiences in Augmented and Virtual Reality, reshaping physical environments through environmental design, curating unforgettable events, or perfecting traditional websites and mobile apps, our team of visionary designers brings dreams to life.

With a passion for pushing boundaries and a dedication to exceptional craftsmanship, we transform concepts into captivating realities that captivate and inspire. Join us on a journey where technology and design converge to create extraordinary user experiences in spatial computing and beyond.


Redefining Safety: The Unseen Potential of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars represent a dynamic chapter in transportation, where the pursuit of safety can be an overarching goal along with efficiency. Central to this journey is the choice to make a commitment to preventing car accidents, driving us towards the innovative world of autonomous vehicles, promising a safer future. This goal challenges traditional views, such …


Please get in touch if you have a need for user experience research, design or prototyping for web, mobile, augmented reality, virtual reality, Internet of Things and other devices. We also consult on future technology recommendations for future services and products.

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